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Welcome To Worldwide Hunger Relief, Inc. 

We are a group of volunteers in the greater Milwaukee area who felt compelled to do something to help alleviate starvation among children. We have since expanded our efforts to include providing outreach and building projects on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Since we are a 100% volunteer organization, and our costs are covered through private donations, virtually all the money we raise goes to cover the cost of ingredients, trucking, shipping and distribution of the food, along with a small amount for incidental expenses.

Worldwide Hunger Relief

Worldwide Hunger Relief

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Food Packs can be a one day or evening event, and others can be  multi-day and multi-week events. Many are held in conjunction with monthly meetings, or as required community service,  religious, or youth projects.


Our partner Food Packs, which introduced our mission to over 5,000 packers in 2011, collectively contributed over 1,000,000 meals for distribution around the world.



We are a group of people with a passion and interest in building and/or rehabilitating housing on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

We are always looking for volunteers and look forward to working with you on our next trip to Pine Ridge.


Please contact us for more information.



This is a continuing program where our volunteers collect clothing, food and holiday items and personally distribute them to the residents of Pine Ridge.

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