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Our Food Packs are a great way to help other people while working alongside great people. It is an experience you will never forget and will most likely return again and again to participate in these loving events.


We will help you and your organization conduct a first-rate food pack.

Packs can be a one day or evening event, and others can be  multi-day and multi-week events. Many are held in conjunction with monthly meetings, or as required community service,  religious, or youth projects.

Packed meals consist of partially cooked beans, rice, nutrients, & dried vegetables.  Simply add water and cook.  

We provide almost everything you need to stage a successful Food Pack.

For more information on how to host a food pack, please contact us.


These are useful instructions on how to set up a food pack table and related food pack topics.

Pallet Loading Instructions

Bean & Rice Food Pack Instructions

Soy & Rice Food Pack Instructions

Table Layout (Soy)

No Food Packs Scheduled At This Time



Love packing food with Worldwide Hunger Relief !  You do a great job.  Truly appreciate all of the hard work that goes into running such a large event.  It is great to meet new people with great hearts. 

I enjoyed meeting the other people helping at our table.  It always is a good feeling to be doing something to benefit hungry people.  I would do it again wherever and whenever there is  another food pack.  Send me an email then and I'll be there.  God bless you Karl and all your staff for everything you do!

My experience was amazing! I hope to do this every year that I can. I love that you can help someone but still have fun in the process. This event probably took a lot of time to make perfect, but your time to organize this is soooo appreciated. It breaks my heart to know that many children and adults are starving, but my heart leaps that this program is keeping so many people's hope alive.

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