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Reservation Outreach has been involved with collecting donations and distributing them since 2012.  It started with just a couple people make the trip once a year to the small community of Red Shirt Village but has now evolved to groups of 8 to 30 people going to the Red Shirt Village and other small communities.


The volunteers include, but are not limited to, the following people: Sam Mayek, Sharon Bradshaw, Grant Schaal, Gloria Klomsten, Vicki Tuft, Steve Nuelk and many, many more.

The last week of July, 2018, we made a trip to the Reservation and served over 500 meals to the Lakota.  We also distributed all the amazing donations which included space heaters, household goods, quilts and children's clothing.  We also taught sewing skills at two different communities.  With these skills the Lakota will be able to make items to sell which will help provide income to households that may have none.
The Lakota have expressed how grateful they are for these events and say that it brings them hope in knowing others care.

For more information regarding Reservation Outreach trips contact Gloria Klomsten at

 262-370-7506 or

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