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Peace Lutheran Food Pack

February 14 & 15, 2020

This will be our 8th Food Pack at Peace! Come and join us and feed your heart and spirit while you work to feed the hungry. We can accommodate nearly everyone in our food packs, from the young (about age 5) to the very old.


There are opportunities for both standing and sitting jobs, and anyone who can dedicate themselves to about 90 minutes of easy work will excel at packaging these nutritionally complete meal packages.


The jobs consist of pouring measured quantities of rice, beans, dehydrated vegetables, and vitamin powder into pre-labeled bags. The bags are weighed, sealed, and then placed in boxes. Each bag packed will provide 6 nutritional meals and each meal only costs 17 cents to make.


The food pack is a great opportunity for you to invite your friends, neighbors and coworkers to Peace Lutheran. Just about everyone who has participated in a food pack has enjoyed it and wanted to do it again.


We work in teams of 7 or 8 at a station and will match you up with others to make a team or maybe you want to get your own team together for this event! Either way you are going to have fun while you help needy children! Six 90-minute shifts are available.


Friday February 14:

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm     7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Saturday February 15:

8:00 am - 9:30 am  9:30 am - 11:00 am  12:00 pm - 1:30 pm  1:30 pm - 3:00 pm


Last year we packed 109,122 meals that went to feed hungry children in Haiti, El Salvador and Jordan! We never know in advance where our food will end up because it always goes to the greatest need at the time and that is always changing. Our goal is to pack 100,000 meals or more again this year!


So please sign up and invite your friends and thanks for helping hungry children again this year!

Please Donate to the Food Pack

Can you imagine feeding your child or grandchild a nutritious meal for only 17 cents! On February 14h and 15th Peace Lutheran members and their friends, coworkers and neighbors are going to be packing nutritionally fortified rice, bean and veggie meals for hungry children in poor countries for just 17 cents a meal. What a bargain!

However, we have a God sized goal of providing 100,000 meals or more for hungry children in Central America, Africa or the Middle East, so that means we need to raise $17,000 or more! With God all things are possible and just as the widow gave her two mites, we are asking everyone to give what they can to make this goal a reality.

We will be able to pack a case (216 meals) or two for every volunteer we have (per 90-minute shift that is worked). Dollar wise that comes out to $36.72 per case. For some, there will be no problem donating $50.00 or more, to cover the cost of the food that they will be packing but for others, thirty dollars is out of their range to donate.


That is why we don’t set an amount per person to donate when they come to pack food like they do at a lot of food packs, but are rather asking that everyone gives something! Kids, can you give the money in your piggybanks or a dollar or two out of your allowance? Teens and senior citizens, can you give $10 or $20, maybe more? Perhaps you feel especially blessed and can give $1000 to provide nearly 6 thousand meals to hungry children. Whatever the amount you give, God can use it to bless hungry children. You can donate in advance with an envelope in the offering plate or online at or at the event!

So, whether you're on a limited fixed income, or you’re doing really well financially, or anything in between, please give something so that this food pack can be a blessing to many, many hungry children! Together, with the help of God, we will provide 100,000 meals or more to feed hungry children!

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